Data Silos Destroy Business Efficiency

Data silos destroy business efficiency.

It’s the dark side of using ‘Best of Breed’ solutions.

A better way exists with #powerplatform premium capabilities.

Premium Capabilities allow companies to:

✅ Break down silos 
✅ Unlock more business value 
✅ Do more with limited developers

Forrester released a report in Aug 2022. They share the benefits found from business users they interviewed.

Problems prior to using Premium Capabilities:

⭕️ Couldn’t expose enterprise data from 3rd party apps without drawbacks
⭕️ Solutions required significant developer resources, workarounds or relying on SharePoint 
⭕️ Ad hoc efforts led to problems with duplicated coding efforts, lack of visibility, governance & security

Some projects even got abandoned through lack of developer resources to complete them effectively.

This led to big developer backlog, few apps being made or processes automated, and business value locked.

After the investment in premium capabilities they could: 
👉🏽 Leverage enterprise data 
👉🏽 Leverage 3rd party systems
👉🏽 Expand access through low code / no code tools 
👉🏽 Enhanced ability to use flows & automations 
👉🏽 Higher quality applications built

The Premium Capabilities they accessed included more than 1000 premium connectors to third-party ERP, CRM, and other systems of record, the ability to build and create customer connectors, Power Apps model-driven apps and the Microsoft Dataverse.

In summary:

If your organisation is struggling with data silos there can be a solution. Unlocking the #powerplatform with premium capabilities can give huge benefits to break down silos, create efficiencies & better business solutions.

What are your thoughts?

Is this something you’ve used?

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