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The Ultimate AI Podcast for Deep Dive Exploration

Want to dive deeper into AI? Here’s the best podcast I’ve found so far. ‘The TWIML AI podcast.’ Already at 627 episodes. Here’s why: He didn’t start with the craze. He’s been looking into this for a long time and has seen this coming. He’s passionate about it and asks great questions. Here’s some things…


The AI Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Data for Success

AI is not just another fad; it’s the next big thing. It’s as big as cloud or the internet. What are the best organizations doing to leverage it? Tidying up their data. Here’s a big realization for me: It’s all about DATA. I didn’t take a huge interest in data previously, but now I am.…


4 Expert Tips to Optimize Your Digital Transformation Journey

4 tips when adopting low code tech: 1. Seek AI and automation features.Most CIOs and IT professionals (87%) believe these capabilities maximise low-code benefits. Embedded AI and automation can improve efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and enhance decision-making. Choose a tool with these features to optimise your low-code investment. 2. Assess low-code tools for fit.Evaluate popular…


Unlocking Data Insights

Low code tools give you more accurate data insights. You can say goodbye to these:1. Complicated coding skills2. Multiple data silos3. Tedious manual processes4. High costs for data analysis5. Inefficient communication channels Here’s what you need instead:1. User-friendly low-code tools – to empower your people2. A “Single source of truth” – for reduced duplication and…


The Cost-Reducing Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform

Low code platforms are the future. Global growth was expected to drop from 6% in 2021 to 2.9% in 2023 (International Monetary Fund). As a result, organizations are under pressure to do more with less. One way costs are saved is by getting through application backlogs. These backlogs stop business value being delivered and limit…


The Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) is Dead

“The Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) is Dead”…. You may have encountered resistance from leaders too… The CoE typically focuses on establishing best practices, governance, and standardisation for the Power Platform. It’s about using the platform effectively and efficiently while mitigating risks. This top-down approach may cause friction among teams that value autonomy and…


My wife, Meg, and I love visiting the world, we want to make sure we finish life empty and have experienced everything this world has to offer, we try and get away as often as possible and have spent the last seven years …

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