The Ultimate AI Podcast for Deep Dive Exploration

Want to dive deeper into AI?

Here’s the best podcast I’ve found so far.

‘The TWIML AI podcast.’ Already at 627 episodes. Here’s why:

He didn’t start with the craze.

He’s been looking into this for a long time and has seen this coming. He’s passionate about it and asks great questions.

Here’s some things you can expect:

There are interviews with key people on where AI is really going right now. E.g. Nvidia, Google researchers, etc.

He talks about in depth topics like social disparity, how you train an AI model, social constructs, bias and more.

We’re in a time where AI is rapidly getting infused into all kinds of working environments. It’s worth upskilling on both the practicalities of using it, and understanding where it’s come from and, as far as we can tell, where it’s going.

Rather than fearing about whether your job will be replaced, it’s about learning to work with AI. Every job needs to look at ‘my job + AI.’

If you’ve listened to it keen to hear your thoughts?

What other resources would you recommend for upskilling & learning about AI?

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