The Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) is Dead

“The Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) is Dead”….

You may have encountered resistance from leaders too…

The CoE typically focuses on establishing best practices, governance, and standardisation for the Power Platform. It’s about using the platform effectively and efficiently while mitigating risks.

This top-down approach may cause friction among teams that value autonomy and flexibility, and strict governance can stifle creativity.

It can be too focused on procedure and protocol and not put enough emphasis on unlocking new business value.

👉🏼The Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) typically focuses on:

– Establishing best practices and guidelines for Power Platform development.
– Implementing governance and compliance measures.
– Providing support and guidance to project teams and individuals.
– Ensuring security and data privacy.
– Identifying and promoting reusable components and patterns.
– Fostering a community of practice and knowledge sharing.

This can lead to centralised control, limit of innovation and requirement for up front resource allocation.

There’s something that’s gaining traction…..

A Centre of Enablement (CoEn).

The CoEn is generally more focused on empowering individuals and teams to use the Power Platform to its fullest potential. It’s about creating an environment where people can learn, grow, and contribute to the organisation’s success using the Power Platform.

People tend to use “Centre of Excellence (CoE)” and “Centre of Enablement (CoEn)” interchangeably. But they actually reflect different approaches and focuses.

👉🏼Power Platform Centre of Enablement (CoEn) typically focuses on:

– Providing training and resources to enable individuals and teams to develop their skills.
– Encouraging innovation and experimentation with the Power Platform.
– Mentoring and coaching users to become more proficient in using the platform.
– Facilitating cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing.
– Identifying and promoting success stories and use cases.

Both of these approaches – a CoE and a CoEn – can coexist in an organisation.

They provide different focuses – one more towards governance and best practice, the other towards empowerment.

“The Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) is Dead”…. Long Live The Power Platform Centre of Enablement (CoEn).

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