Power Platform and The Role Center of Excellence

It’s not enough to implement the power platform.

You need a clear business strategy underpinning it.

Here’s 1 strategy to implement for success👇🏽

It’s something Microsoft calls a Centre of Excellence.

It’s about investing in and nurture organic growth while maintaining governance and control. The right balance is key.

So what stakeholders would be involved in the CoE?

👉 App & Flow Makers
👉 Application Life Cycle Management & Devops Users
👉 Central IT
👉 Support & Training Engineers
👉 Business Change Management

It can start with one person who learns how to use the platform well and grow with a clear strategy.

Setting it up is really about having a way to:

✅ Have those who know how to use the platform
✅ Keep activities aligned towards overall goals
✅ Break down barriers between departments
✅ Reduce risk of errors & problems by ensuring best practice is followed
✅ Get the right mix of organic growth & governance

Aligning the Microsoft Power Platform Strategy with the Digital Transformation Strategy leads to better business outcomes.

Is this something you’ve used? Or something similar?

Anything else you’d add that’s key to setting it up successfully?

Get in touch to find out how I can help.


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