Power Apps: Building Trust and Governance

Want to avoid Power Apps Chaos? 🙅🏽‍♂️

Guardrails make all the difference.

Here’s 3 steps to use for more trust & better governance. 👇🏽

Building trust within your organization is crucial.

Implement digital guardrails to ensure employees handle data securely and adhere to corporate guidelines for design, usability, and supportability.

Remember, establishing digital guardrails and governance isn’t a one-time task—it involves focusing on various aspects.

Here’s 3 steps to use:

Establish a strong foundation by focusing on your environment strategy, data loss prevention, and implementing appropriate security layers.

With your environment operational and users creating content, it’s essential to track system usage, resource creation, and user activity. The Admin Center and Office 365 Audit Log are available to support these efforts.

As your development advances, automate policies and set up alerts to be notified when specific conditions are met. This approach saves you from constantly checking a dashboard, while still allowing you to respond promptly when necessary.

To ensure a well-governed Power Apps experience – keep these 3 aspects in mind:
– Security
– Monitoring
– Alerts

What do you think?

Any other guardrails you’d add that are key when starting using Power Apps?

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