Nintex vs Power Platform

A client is getting rid of 100 workflows built on Nintex 🤯

Another three came to us in the last few weeks. Why?

The Power Platform can do it all. Here’s how 👇🏽

Nintex helped with process management and workflow automation using no code, mostly helping clients build workarounds on SharePoint. It has been great.

But tech has moved on.

Clients have built hundreds of workflows and steps to get forms to do what they need.

An example?

Say an airline pilot is delayed at a destination, and they need approval & payment for accommodation for the night. That all needs to be done via automation to save time.

An overly simplified version built on Nintex might look like this. (hypothetical)

1. Trigger: A delay report triggers an automated workflow. This report might include data about the flight, such as the flight number, the pilot’s name, and the location of the delay.

2. Assessment of Situation: A condition or decision shape can be used to assess the situation. E.g. it could check if the delay time was over a certain threshold that would require the pilot to stay overnight in the location.

3. Notification: If the decision shape indicates that accommodation is required, the workflow could send an automatic email or text message. This could be a notification to the airline’s travel department, providing them with the necessary information to book a hotel for the pilot.

4. Booking: The workflow could integrate with the airline’s travel booking system or a third-party booking system. It could automatically make the reservation based on pre-defined parameters such as preferred hotel partners or cost limitations.

5. Confirmation: After the booking is made, a confirmation could be automatically sent to the pilot and relevant stakeholders within the airline (like the pilot’s manager or the operations team).

6. Updating Databases: The workflow could update the airline’s internal systems with the new flight and accommodation information, ensuring all records are kept up-to-date.

7. Final Notification: Lastly, the workflow could send a final notification to all relevant parties, confirming that the process has been completed and providing any necessary details about the accommodation.

Pretty helpful process, right?

Well, all of this can be done on the Power Platform.

They can dramatically decrease subscription costs and get increased leverage with what they already have.

Nintex is just one of the companies that solved problems as a point solution for a while, but organisations are turning to platforms to run thousands of solutions to address business needs.

I’ll share more in the coming months.

Get in touch to find out how I can help.


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