Microsoft Power Apps: Building Your Dream Team

Going to use Microsoft Power Apps? 🚀

You’ll want to start with ‘champions.’ 🥇

Here’s what they are and how to identify them.

When creating your first app using Microsoft Power Apps, it’s important to assemble the right team.

Each member of your team should be committed to the project and willing to learn and collaborate with others to achieve the best results.

Here’s some key attributes to look for when building your Dream Team:

1. People who work well together
2. Individuals with different roles, competencies, skills, and experiences
3. A balance of individuals with knowledge of the business and customers as well as those from IT

The ‘growth mindset’ and hunger of the people is just important. You’ll want people who:

👉🏼 Are proactive
👉🏼 Enjoy learning new skills
👉🏼 Are problem solvers

You can start really small. You’ll want at least 2 people in your initial team. If this is the case you’ll want at least:

✅ One from the business
✅ One from IT

When you’re creating a larger team, and can draw on others, here’s some things to look for:

1. Professional development experience
2. Specialised knowledge of a process or task
3. Design and creative skills to help with the user interface design of your apps

Here’s a secret hack to find your champions too….

If you already are using Microsoft 365, it’s likely some people have found Power Apps. Check out the analytics to see who they are, and you can reach out to them directly.

Just getting started?

Great job.


All the best on the journey of pulling together your first team & building your first Power Apps.

What was most helpful about this for bringing together your team?

Anything else you’d add?

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