Learning AI: Insights Gained from Spending 5 Hours a Week

I’m spending 5 hours a week learning AI. ⏱

Here’s what I’ve learned about embracing AI in your organization.

Also here’s what I’m spending the 5 hours on 👇🏽

So firstly what am I spending time on?

👉🏼 Formal training program at IBM on AI
👉🏼 Experimenting with the Pro Version of ChatGPT (with API access)
👉🏼 Listening to podcasts on AI
👉🏼 Reading books on AI
👉🏼 AI TikTok (just filter the bull💩)


Why am I spending time on this?

I believe we are at a tipping point with exponential change. If Cloud has been the wave we are riding the next set is going to all be on AI. The ability to use AI effectively in organizations to maximize value, innovation and digital transformation will separate the good from the great.

By having understanding of the key themes, business value potential, and specific possibilities I’ll be able to connect new dots & learn faster.

Staying ahead both out of interest for the future and to deliver for my clients.


What have I learnt?

Here my key takeaways 👇🏽

▶️ If you want to embrace AI, you are going to need to get your house in order, meaning you need to make sure your Data is in order; oh, and that is easier to type than it is to do. 😳

▶️ Building on that, you are going to need to get your data in a consumable format. Think cataloged, connected, & cleaned.

▶️ If your organization has data sitting on paper, User Defined Applications (UDAs) or SaaS solutions outside of IT governance, you are going to have a challenge until that is addressed.

▶️ AI is one of the most compelling reasons for making the decision to implement a strategy for organization wide use of a Low Code/No Code platform – like the Microsoft Power Platform.

▶️ A target of no less that 50% automation in your organization should be considered and committed to.

What have I missed?

Add below in the comments your main insight on AI so far.

Get in touch to find out how I can help.


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