4 Expert Tips to Optimize Your Digital Transformation Journey

4 tips when adopting low code tech:

1. Seek AI and automation features.
Most CIOs and IT professionals (87%) believe these capabilities maximise low-code benefits. Embedded AI and automation can improve efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and enhance decision-making. Choose a tool with these features to optimise your low-code investment.

2. Assess low-code tools for fit.
Evaluate popular options to find your organisation’s ideal match. Make sure that it matches your goals, and can adapt to your evolving needs. Review features, scalability, and ease of use to ensure alignment.

3. Modernise legacy apps, close gaps.
Look for how you can accelerate modernisation of outdated applications through the flexibility and speed of low code. This can help meet customer demands and stay competitive. It can also help you combat developer shortages and speed up development.

4. Centralise data and reduce duplication.
Understand how you can create a ‘single source of truth.’ This will allow you to gain better (and faster) data insights to make more informed decisions. Your chosen platform should simplify this process, centralise information, and minimise double handling across databases.

These are just some of the main ones.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

What else would you add as a tip when adopting low code tech?

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