Shadow IT headaches

Got Shadow IT headaches? 🤦🏼‍♂️

What if I told you it could become a Strategic Asset ✅

Here’s how using Low-Code Platforms. 👇🏽

Shadow IT represents a double-edged sword.

Many organizations today are grappling with the issue of shadow IT – those applications that different departments within your organization create and maintain without your IT team’s knowledge or approval.

Understandably they cause concern as they:

❌ Skirt regular procurement
❌ Don’t follow implementation procedure
❌ Violate governance processes
❌ Significantly increase an organization’s IT and security risks.

They are also of benefit though as they were created to solve a problem.

Can you keep them while actually harnessing their power and minimizing the risks?

The short answer is ‘yes.’


✅ The answer is LOW CODE / NO CODE (LC/NC) Platforms.

Think about it, business developers (who often create shadow IT applications) can develop and deploy applications without needing extensive coding or development experience. By providing professional LC/NC platforms, IT can extend their development know-how to the “shadow side” and work with business developers to create digital solutions that are compliant with regulations, secure, and efficient.

Low-code platforms can provide a way to transform risky shadow IT into a source of innovation and speed.

Not only that, but it allows IT departments to have a significant role in building out the organization’s IT ecosystem.

In short, low-code platforms provide a way for organizations to transform risky shadow IT into a source of innovation and speed. By embracing Low Code / No Code platforms, IT departments can harness the power of shadow IT while minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits.


Are you a decision maker in your organization?

It’s worth considering how low-code platforms can help your organization to transform shadow IT into a strategic asset. By working with IT to provide professional Low Code /No Code platforms and embracing business developers, you can help to create an enterprise-optimized landscape that captures the full potential for digital value creation and capabilities.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to find out how I can help.

Let’s develop a plan to turn your Shadow IT into an Asset.


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