People Powering Digital Transformation

“Tech will solve our people’s problems.”

I can’t believe people are still thinking this. 😬

It’s often well-intentioned. The sentiment is: “Hey, let’s invest in the latest technology to improve our business. It’s the ultimate solution.”

However, focusing solely on technology is shortsighted and, in some cases, even counterproductive. (We’ll just wait for the tech to magically solve our issues.)

It puts the onus on the technology, overlooking the key driver of digital transformation: the people.

Digital transformation is powered by people. It takes an engaged and agile workforce to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Decision-makers: please invest in your people. Foster a culture of continuous learning and support across your organization – not just among your tech teams.

Encourage open communication and feedback, and ask questions like:
👉🏾 How can we better support your development?
👉🏾 What new skills or knowledge would make a difference in your role?
👉🏾 How’s your team adapting to the recent changes in our digital strategy?
👉🏾 What are the main challenges you’re facing during this transformation?
👉🏾 Are there any areas where we can improve our approach?
👉🏾 What resources or tools would empower you to excel in this digital environment?
👉🏾 Is there anything – big or small – that we can do to help you navigate this journey?

These proactive conversations will give you valuable insights and help you unlock the true potential of your digital transformation.

What’s more, when challenges arise, your people will be better equipped to overcome them – because they know they have your support. 💪🏽👩🏽‍💻🧑🏼‍💻

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