Digital Transformation: Transforming Shadow IT into an Asset

Are you responsible for Digital Transformation?

Want to turn shadow IT into an asset?

Here’s a 3 step high-level strategy to start using Low Code / No Code. 👇🏽

These ideas are expanded on from McKinsey & Co.

👉 The journey starts with taking stock of shadow applications and then selecting LC/NC platforms that fit the needs the shadow apps fill.

👉 Next, IT should provide business developers with pathways to leverage the new platforms.

👉 The final step is to that the organization should co-create an end-to-end operating model.

Let’s break those down in more detail:

1️⃣ Assess the current state of shadow IT

Identifying the applications and tools that are being used by different departments without the knowledge or oversight of IT. 😮Understand the purpose of these tools and how they are currently being used. This will help you to understand the scope of the shadow IT problem and the areas that need to be addressed.

An example?

A healthcare organization may find that different departments have been using various tools such as Excel, Microsoft Access, and Slack to manage patient records and communication among staff.

2️⃣ Develop a strategy for low-code/no-code adoption

Work with your IT department to develop a strategy for adopting LC/NC platforms. This should include identifying which LC/NC platforms will be used, how they will be implemented, and what kind of training and support will be provided to business developers.

An example?

The healthcare organization’s IT department may decide to implement a low-code platform like the Microsoft Power Platform. This will allow business developers to create patient records management applications that are secure and compliant with regulations. IT will also develop training and support programs for business developers to learn how to use the platform effectively, and set guidelines and best practices for data security and compliance.

3️⃣ Co-create an end-to-end operating model embracing a professional LC/NC platform

The organization should do this in a way to reduce risks, maintain agility, and amplify the organization’s digital capabilities to deliver value. Talent capable of creating applications often resides outside the IT department & this approach extends the know how of IT to the ‘shadow side.’

In this way it can help to create an enterprise-optimized landscape that captures the full potential for digital value creation and capabilities.

The outcome? Applications created are compliant with data regulations, secure, and efficient.

In summary:

1️⃣ Assess the current state of shadow IT
2️⃣ Develop a strategy for low-code/no-code adoption
3️⃣ Co-create an end-to-end operating model embracing a professional LC/NC platform

Keen to know your thoughts.

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