Digital Transformation: Empowering People for Success

Digital transformation is not just about fancy new tech.

It’s powered by people.

Here’s 5 ways the best companies are empowering their people. 👇🏽

1.They’re embracing low code technology

There is an IT staffing shortage. Low code enables solutions to be made by people who aren’t coding experts. They can be trained in a short amount of time and then empowered to solve real business problems within guidelines & with support.

2. They’re clear on strategic outcomes & priorities

They’re ‘why’ is clear and so the ‘what’ and ‘how’ become conversations on alignment. This allows the right problems to be solved first with technology, instead of going after the next ‘shiny object’. There’s limited time and resources so this direction is key.

3. They starting small and learning fast

Starting with a small team means learnings are gained quickly. The first apps can be built with a specific use case (though still professional grade) & insights gained. Then that can be shared with future team as they grow. By speeding up the development cycle they are able to be move faster.

4. They have the right level of support / process in place

Rather than over engineering the level of compliance, just the right amount is used. This allows the flexibility to create as well as guidelines to keep visibility. Deciding their version of a Centre of Excellence helps get this balance right.

5. They identify & train champions

There are certain people within the organization who want to move things forward. Tapping into their energy, enthusiasm & expertise is crucial for unlocking the organization.

These are just a start.

What would you add that the best companies are doing differently?

Get in touch to find out how I can help.


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