Are you a CxO responsible for Digital Transformation

Are you a CxO responsible for Digital Transformation?

Infraserv built over 70 low code / no code apps for Enterprise Acceleration.

Here’s their key learnings summarized for you. 👏🏽

Infraserv’s customers are the tenants of Industriepark Höchst—an innovative campus in the heart of Germany geared toward operating chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Here is the high level breakdown of their learnings:

1️⃣ Low Code / No Code is a must:
Adoption is crucial for Enterprise Acceleration. Standard software vendors can be slow and user populations may not justify their costs.

2️⃣ Follow the Value Chain:
Low-Code/No-Code solutions should be added along the enterprises value chain. This unleashes higher efficiency gains.

3️⃣ A rigid ROI framework is essential:
This common framework is necessary to choose which projects to take on, making it a key driver for automation decisions in a low-code/no-code project.

4️⃣ Find what will scale with you:
Ensure the application platform you’re building on grows well with you. Look at the future not just current circumstance.

So what problems were they facing?

Some may be relatable:

👉🏼 Challenges:

– Paper-based and fragmented processes
– Multiple systems used across the enterprise
– Need to provide automation across mobile devices and a variety of form factors

👉🏼 Solution they embraced:

– More than 70 low-code/no-code applications

👉🏼 Tangible benefits:

– Modern best practices for service order and work order management
– Higher workplace safety and better efficiencies across service functions
– Tangible ROI in less than three years for all applications—often in less than six months
– Process optimization during implementation of new low code

A great example of embracing low code / no code to deliver massive value, efficiencies and engagement.

Any questions or thoughts about these?

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