So you want to run a Dynamics CRM User Group – Part 2

Microsoft Relationship and Your Dynamics CRM User Group

I have found it is important to engage with Microsoft in your local area for a couple of reasons:

  1. As this is a Dynamics CRM User Group it is good to be aligned with what the Microsoft Dynamics team is doing in your local market.
  2. Often times someone from the team will be available to come along and deliver sessions and demos from content they are provided internally from the Dynamics CRM Product team.
  3. They are a great source of NEWS, what is happening in the wider community of Microsoft and it allows you to build a relationship with their team.
  4. I have always found them a willing sponsor of all the Dynamics CRM User Groups I have run. In the past sponsorship from Microsoft has included the venue to host the User Group as well as pizza and drink. (This may need to be approved by the Dynamics Lead in the local sub.)

If they are providing the venue, Microsoft requires that a FTE is present, so you will need at least one Microsoft person to attend on the night of the User Group. Remember that any Microsoft staff involvement is voluntary, they are not paid to do this, so if they attend, just like the committee they are giving of their time for the greater good of the Dynamics community.

You should look for every opportunity to involve Microsoft in your User Group, they are the primary sponsor and should be recognized as such. Try and mix it up a bit and get a variety of Microsoft staff along to your User Group.

Setting up the Committee or Council for Your User Group

  1. Chairman/President
  2. Membership Manager
  3. Customer Voice/ISV Manager
  4. The Show Manager
  5. Event Manager
  6. Just 1 Tip Manager
  7. Photo Manager
  8. Video Manager

At the moment I am considering adding another role called the Social Manager, to date I have not defined this but I am planning for it as I see there is a gap.

Naturally some of these roles can be combined if people want to take on more responsibility.


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