Project Management with Dynamics CRM in Construction

Construction of an Apartment Block (Condominium)

I had the pleasure last week of learning about a Dynamics CRM solution for construction. Now what do I mean when I say construction, I am not talking about a one-off build of a new home, I am talking about construction as it relates to building massive projects that are filled with red tape and very specific process that must be followed, with a major focus on compliance.

If there is not a level of rigor around managing the smallest details it can lead to cost overruns and people litigating against each other to get things sorted out. No construction company want that to happen so here is a solution to help mitigate that risk.

IPM Global Project Management Software

Industries that use IPM Global Project Management

Commonly this product is implemented in the following industries:

  • Civil / Highway Construction
  • Public Utilities
  • Engineering and HVAC
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Property Developers
  • General Construction

Screenshots on CRM 2013

Here is a look at the latest build:

Planning and Forecasting

Change Request

Progress Bill

Job Setup

Can you trust this product?


One thing I always look for in an add-on solution to Dynamics CRM is whether the product has been certified to run on Dynamics CRM. This is called CfMD or Certified for Microsoft Dynamics. I have been through the process a few times and it adds a level of trust that the product has meet standards set by Microsoft.


This company has provided this solution for some time (over 20 years’ experience have gone into it) to the construction industry and they support clients all over the world.


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