Power Platform Saturday 2019 – Oslo, Norway

Marius is an outstanding MVP who cares deeply for the community in his region. I love the way he rolled up his sleeves and was prepared to do whatever it took to put Power Platform Saturday like this on.

Keep in mind that he does not have the backing of a Microsoft Partner as he is an independent contractor, but this did not stop him making it happen. Well done Marius!


But I digress, let’s get back to the event.


I love travelling to this part of the world as the people are friendly and very inclusive in their approach to life. 

This Power Platform Saturday event was no exception. Marius arranged three tracks for attendees as well as a workshop for people that wanted to go deeper.

Where & When

The event was located at Microsoft Norge AS on 24th August 2019. Their newly opened office is one of the best Microsoft sites I’ve been to.


What I love about events like this is that they give you the chance to meet face to face the people who you have had long-distance relationships with.

But although these mediums of communication are great, nothing compares to meeting in person and seeing that although we all come from very different backgrounds, languages, countries, and in many cases competing companies, we can engage based on our common interest in this valuable Microsoft technology of the Power Platform. 

The speakers at this event were a mix of local and international speakers:

Marius Agur Lind [MVP] Norway
Malin Martnes [MVP] Norway
Sarah Critchley [MVP] United Kingdom
Jukka Niiranen [MVP] Finland
Ida Bergum [MVP] Norway
Joe Griffin – United Kingdom
Tamara Phelan – United Kingdom
Thomas Sandsør – Norway
Jonas Rapp [MVP] Sweden
Gustaf Westerlund [MVP] Sweden
Sumit Sah – Norway
Julian Sharp – United Kingdom
Mohammed Mustafa [MVP] United Kingdom
Ahmad Najjar [MVP] Norway
Tricia Sinclair – United Kingdom
Key Takeaways

I must say the new Microsoft Office in Oslo is amazing, it’s a place that you would want to work at. I found out that the FAST R&D team are located here, who are the team responsible for search in Office 365.

The speakers’ dinner the night before a community Saturday event like this is one of the highlights as you spend a good few hours getting to know the people around you.

My observation at Saturday events like this is that people are not so much interested in soft skill or life skill sessions, about consulting and career, they prefer tech gold. I have learned this from delivering the former type session a few times, but this time I delivered a technical session on Data Models, Common Data Models, and the Common Data Service. This more technical session seems to be a winner as the room I was in was packed and I received top marks based on the evaluations.

Lesson learned for me, Saturday sessions are better if the content is timely and technical.

The other session I was able to attend was from Mohammed on lessons learned from being the first to implement Sales Insights in Europe for an enterprise customer.  I like lessons learned presentations as they are so tangible and practical.

The best part was getting to meet so many people and start friendships and conversations that I’m excited to continue. Who knows where they will lead?

This was a weekend well spent in the Power Platform community.


My wife, Meg, and I love visiting the world, we want to make sure we finish life empty and have experienced everything this world has to offer, we try and get away as often as possible and have spent the last seven years …

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