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I’m a technologist so one of the things I wanted to make sure was that I nailed the best possible podcast set up, from both an equipment and a software point of view. Note you don’t need much in the way of equipment to get set up for podcasting – you need the mic, the mic stand, and the recording software. What I currently use are all different than what I used when I started. I went on a bit of a progressive journey to get to this point. I hope if you’re just starting out you can benefit from the lessons I learned.

My Microphone of Choice

Hands-free Mic Stand

Podcast Software

Bonus tip

Those are the three main tools that I use in podcasting now.

Here is a bonus tip – the computer I use a Microsoft Surface Book 2 model, so a relatively high spec laptop, but I’ve noticed a little thing on Windows 10 that can make a big difference.

If you go onto the Sound Settings and go to Recording where you can select your Microphone and set the Properties. There is a Levels tab that shows the levels that your microphone is recording at and for some reason every now and again Windows automatically bumps it up to 100% 🤬. When that happens, it can create what’s called “clipping” in your audio. Clipping is when your audio input is too loud, a horrible sound is added to the audio, making it unusable because it can’t be removed in post-production. Before every recording, I tend to go in and check these settings and reduce my level down to around 85%. I find this is a nice level because I can always bump up my gain but if you’re clipping you can’t fix that audio quality in Post Production.

So that’s my podcasting equipment and software learnings to date. At this point, I’ve recorded around 58 podcasts and I’m really starting to get into a grove with this setup, but my standards are increasing all the time. In 2019 I’m excited to continue improving and bringing the quality up to another level again. If you’re just starting out in podcasting and what to discuss anything I have talked about, I am happy to help. I hope you found my experience helpful let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to know more about, or if you have any favourite equipment that you recommend.


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