Netbreeze the Technology at Time of Purchase (Part 2 of 3)

Before Microsoft purchased Netbreeze?

Netbreeze The Technology at time of Purchase (Part 2 of 3)

Before the purchase by Microsoft, Netbreeze had two core products: Community Report and ComMonitor. Here is a features comparison of the two products:

 Community ReportComMonitor
Search result accessFor public debateFor confidential data
LanguageGerman/English30 Languages
Documents & reports archive
Number of documents or reportsNot limited
Number of search queriesBase 6, indefinitely expandable
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, online news, blogs, message boards
Web, other sourcesoptional
Identification of major sources
Email alerts
Export to Excel, Word, XML, CSV, PDF, SVG, PNG and JPG
Tonality analysis including options for manual adjustment
Dynamic reports

As well as this list they had also introduced the concept of widgets, allowing publishers to gain a deep understanding of how their content was been interacted with.Additional Services options included, Support for Agencies, Publishers and CRM.

Detail on the platform

Netbreeze has what is called a Navigator platform. It uses three key methods:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Data Mining
  • Semantic text Analysis

Across the platform it has six Key Features

Extensive Sources

The Netbreeze Navigator periodically searches the most important social media sources and the internet for new relevant documents. Sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are directly integrated. Blogs, discussion forums, online news and general websites are covered by appropriate search engines. Print media can be integrated with the corresponding data suppliers (eg Factiva, Argus). This setup allows a 360-degree media analysis.

Accurate Results

Specifically developed filter and language processing algorithms ensure very high data quality. The methods exclude spam and irrelevant documents automatically from the analysis. A particular query language allows formulating precise queries and ensures reliable identification of topics and brands in the documents.

Immense Language Diversity

Communication in the internet is not limited by geographic or linguistic boundaries. The Netbreeze Navigator therefore supports several writing systems and 28 different writing systems like German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Traditional Chinese or Mandarin.

Automatic Tonality Detection

The Netbreeze Navigator analyzes emotional expressions in conversations and automatically detects positive and negative statements. You can see easily if a topic in social media has a positive or negative connotation.

Customised Alerts

The Netbreeze Navigator automatically notifies you by e-mail when new critical documents are found. You decide by means of a simple configuration which topics and trademarks are observed and to whom alerts are sent.

Concise Dashboards

The dashboard shows an overview of the main analyses and findings. Your data is represented in the form of charts and tickers. You can configure the dashboard yourself so that it always corresponds to your current interests.


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