Local Government Culture Collections Management

Local Government Culture Collections Management
Local Government Culture Collections Management – Civic Library of Artifacts
Common items that make up a culture collection
  1. Art
  2. Video Footage and Multimedia
  3. Audio Recordings
  4. Sculptures
  5. Photos
  6. Archaeological items
  7. Written works
Source of theses collections

Often times these items may have been donated to the city over hundreds of years by various donors for a range of reasons.

Understanding the history

People living in an area often want to gain an understanding of place, what makes up the history of my community? Where did significant events take place and what was recorded about these events?

Standards of recorded information

There a range of standards that should be used in cataloging this information. Common ones are as follows:

Ease of Access

The system we designed was made up of two parts:

  1. An internal Cultural Collection Government system that allowed staff to enter items, either manually or by bulk import, with most of the work handled in Outlook.
  2. A website that allows the public to view the items and see where the items are located for public viewing with the ability to comment on the items and interact with them.
*Image from National Museum Australia

The end Local Government Cultural Collections system allows the public at any time to view online items on the web or mobile device of cultural importance, and the location of where items can be viewed. Staff have a system that is easy to maintain, backed up and safe for future generations.

What could be added to this solution to improve it?


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