Live Social Media Infographics – new widget available

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Live Social Media Infographics – new widget available

Live Social Media Infographics show the reader an easily digestible summary of the discussion on a topic in social media.

With the new widget for Netbreeze Social Media Reports can now be embedded as live interactive Infographics into websites and blogs. The most important information from the stored report can be presented in a compact form as a live widget. Updating the data in the widget constantly analogous to the Buzz charts. The widget is created with a single click and can be freely embedded into your own HTML content. Both the community and reports as well as the available widgets are available for free.

Quickly and clearly – always up to date

The new widget allows publishers numerous insights from social media reports, divided into easy to understand slides to depict. Reader the functionalities of a slideshow are intuitively used already and go confidently to the information. Our experience shows that readers would like to learn more about a particular subject, like to experiment with interactive content and thus to linger longer on a website / blog. The widget can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, reports can be linked directly in the widget.

Buzz Chart

Forms the current online buzz from the stored report as a clear line chart. The individual channels and platforms differ in color and provide a quick overview of how hot a topic is currently being debated by the Internet community.

Tag Cloud

The last 100 matching documents will be evaluated by an algorithm and displayed in a tag cloud. Here the interested reader learns what is being said in addition to the intrinsic union search on the topic.

Important contributions in social media

At a glance, the reader, learn which posts on social media platforms a particularly long range.

Important contributions in News and Blogs

Are blog posts and newspaper articles listed on this slide, which experienced a particularly large range analogous to the “Important Posts in Social Media.”

Influential authors

The most far-reaching authors are summarized on this slide.

Based on Klout scores (Twitter) and Alexa rankings (News & Blogs) we have publishers to measure and calculate a range based on their post cadence, how much influence this current discussion


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