Join me on the Power Platform Pub Quiz at User Group Summit Orlando 2019!

It’s time to establish who really knows their stuff in the Power Platform community. Do you have what it takes to get a team together and win global bragging rights on the Pub Quiz at the User Group Summit Orlando 2019?

The questions at the Power Platform Pub Quiz are being prepared, and the Quizmasters assembled for the ultimate knowledge showdown of 2019.

I’m running a “session” at Summit with a bit of a twist. It’s a Pub Quiz (aka Team Trivia), and the theme is the Microsoft Power Platform, including PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

The quiz will test your team’s knowledge in the following areas:

  • Platform History
  • Current Technologie
  • Best Practices
  • vNext

But it’s not all just about the quiz, it’s really about the bragging rights, the sledging, the victory, the trophy and the best SWAG the industry can offer (on my budget).

Are you ready to assemble your team to compete in 2019?

The Teams

Get your team together, start studying, and decide who will own what categories to lead your team to victory. Each team should have four members, all game-ready to compete and win.

The #TeamTheme for this year is Heroes, so dress for the occasion.

You need to decide on the following for your team:

  1. Team Name
  2. Team Leader
  3. Team Hero
  4. Team Color
  5. Team Slogan

Insane Prizes!

When it comes to prizes, we are going all out, there will be spot prizes and awards, as any good quiz should have, #SwagInTheBag for the winning team, plus a trophy and of course… the bragging rights that your team will hold over the entire world for a year! (possibly forever if we never do this again)

Prizes may include the following but are subject to change 😈

  • Meet and Greet with Microsoft Senior Leadership; names being considered, Satya Nadella, James Phillips, Alysa Taylor, to name a few…
  • An Engraved Trophy (or at least permanent markered)
  • #SwagInTheBag, filled with SWAG! (ok, whatever we can scrounge up)

Skilled Quizmasters!

The Questions

  •  Question
  • Answer
  • Reference to validate your answer
  • Your name so we can acknowledge your contribution

Two Simple Rules

Let’s talk rules, you know we must have them for fair play 😉

  1. The answer on the quizmaster’s answer sheet is right – even if it is wrong 😊
  2. 📵No phones, computers or access to the internet (if you see someone sourcing the answer outside of their group, NAME, AND SHAME! 😾

Note: Bonus points will be awarded at the quizmasters’ discretion – for example, if your team name makes us laugh, that might be worth a bonus point!

Get Involved

If you want to get involved and help make this unique “session” amazing, we need the following:

If you want to create some buzz for this on social media, please use the hashtag: #PowerPlatformPubQuiz


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