If you do not have Experience, You need Certifications

Many people ask me how to shift careers from where they are, to where they want to go. Some people are stuck working in On-Premise Dynamics 365 Projects and feel they are getting left behind because they are not getting exposure to online Dynamics 365 Projects or working on the Power Platform with PowerApps, Flow and AI Builder.

Here is where your thinking needs to change. If you want something badly enough, you will do what it takes to get it. If you cannot get it one way, you need to find another way.

On-Premise Experience

For those that are stuck on On-Premise Dynamics 365 projects either working as an employee or working for a Microsoft Partner, you need to figure out how to get Dynamics 365 online experience and, more importantly, Power Platform experience.

Things are moving fast in this industry, and it does not take much to be left in a position where your skills are outdated and no longer relevant to where the industry is going. It is not your employees’ job to prepare you for what is next in your career if there is no benefit to their business. You need to take ownership of you and your career and not just go with the flow of what your employer is doing. Decide what you want and then go after it with passion. There is nothing stopping you running your own project.


Be quick to volunteer for new projects that you may not yet have the experience on, as you will gain that on the job. You can learn on the job, but it should not be considered a replacement for formal learning.


When you pass the exams, add them to your LinkedIn profile so that future employers can see you are learning the skills needed to work in this industry. If you want to work for a Microsoft Partner, they needed certified staff to earn their Gold or Silver competencies with Microsoft.

By getting your certifications, you make yourself more valuable to them as an employee. Also being certified on an ongoing basis shows you have a learn-it-all attitude – an asset to any employer.

Breaking into the Power Platform Industry

If you have questions, please hit me up in the comments.


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