Dynamics Communities – Orlando, Florida in Review

I have been pretty vocal about Dynamics Communities Inc. (DCI) in the past. I felt they had lost their way and there was a need for change. I was unsure if the organization still had a fire burning in their belly for technology and this global community that we are all a part of.

Was it worth it? I have to say it was worth every second.

At this event I was privileged to speak with some outstanding leaders in DCI, and I’ve come away from this event excited about the future. I am proud to be a part of this amazing community and want to be more involved.


I think there is an opportunity to pivot this event in the coming year. The executive track could be more exclusive and focused on the needs of executives who are running Microsoft Business Applications practices, with appropriate content on how to play at the top of their game in all key areas of business.

I sense that feedback from the past, about separation of partner and customer is no longer relevant and an open mindset needs to be adopted. A solid vision and programming need to be set for this event that will result in growth and empowerment of all business leaders that attend, catapulting their own business success.

I can see this becoming an event that Microsoft Network Partners cannot afford to missThe right business people from Microsoft sales and marketing teams could also add tremendous value to this event.

Power Platform Summit

All I can say is WOW! What a quality event!

Another thing I noticed was the willingness of people to share their learnings and experience with others, either speaking in sessions or side discussions. It makes no difference who the individual works for, we all work with this great technology from Microsoft, and I like the way this event breaks down barriers and allows everybody to collaborate and learn from each other.

New Brand
New Mission

Dynamics Communities in my mind has changed, they have listened and taken on the feedback offered up by the community. Some things will take time, such as refreshing their digital platforms, membership packages and focus. I saw a stat of 280,000 thousand members currently, but I think that will change dramatically in the next three years, I can see this community growing to a million members.

There are many untouched markets that have people who need the community to grow and develop skills at a local level. How about a user group in every primary site in the world? There are many untouched markets across the equator and southern hemisphere.

I think there are lessons that can be learned from the operation model of Toastmasters on how to create viral global growth at a local level. Self-governance model at the local level equipped with a digital platform that allows a stream lined engagement flows, so wherever people live they can connect, learn and share.

And as we do this, we raise the skill levels of individuals, which raises the incomes of families and communities and leads to a better future for everyone as technology continues to transform our world.

Live Stream

If you went to the event, I am keen to hear your feedback in the comments below. Together we can change the world and impact lives for the better with our love of Microsoft Business Applications and the people in this great community.


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