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In the past couple of months, I have had an increasing number of people asking me to coach them in their careers. Although I have coached people in the past, I have not been coaching for the past year.

This was in part due to one of my life values of inclusion. I wanted to mentor people for free. I wanted to remove the barrier of geography, current skill level, employer, cost, gender, religion, orientation or any other reasons that may hold people back from growing a successful career in Microsoft Business Applications.

Feel free to signup if you are interested as I plan to run this for the third time early in 2020.

Career Coaching

As people continue to request coaching, I’ve understood that there is a need for a more bespoke program. I am in the process of putting the systems in place to offer Career Coaching for people that have or want a career in Microsoft Business Applications.

I will provide Coaching as a paid service for those individuals that want to invest in taking their job to the next level.

I like to structure everything I do by creating robust systems and programs so that I can make sure that I am delivering tailored coaching sessions to each individual that deliver a lot of value.

Role-Based Career Coaching

As part of the coaching programs, I am offering the following role-based coaching as a framework that will be tailored to each individual:

  • Functional Consultants
  • Power Platform Developers (ProDev)
  • Power Platform (Citizen Developers)
  • Solution Architects
  • PreSales
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Practice Management
  • Power Platform Administrators
  • Going Independent
  • System Integrator Start-Up
  • Independent Software Vendor Start-Up
Skills-based Career Coaching

As part of the coaching programs, I am offering skills-based coaching which will include an understanding where you are at now, and what you want to achieve.

There will be a focus on building your personal brand and creating a plan for success and becoming a leader. Some of the things to be covered include:

  • Value/Authenticity – How to create value and get clear on what you will be known for.
  • Brand – Everyone has a brand; it is what you are known for. You can either create a brand or let it happen by accident. It’s what you are known for – your art, your style, your attitude. Sometimes you need to create a radical change to move away from a past brand that no longer represents who you are or where you want to go. A brand can also include your name and mark (logo) as an extension of your creativity.
  • Content Creation – This is where you can add a lot of value to others. But planning is needed if you are going to be successful long term when it comes to content creation. It can be learned, and there are many paths to choose from.
  • Community – Part of building a brand is engaging with people. For some that comes naturally, but for others it does not and it can be very difficult. Community engagement can be enriching when it is done with purpose.
  • Twitter – Doing Twitter well comes down to having systems in place to create consistency while allowing for spontaneity and engagement.
  • LinkedIn – A valuable business tool but so many people are using it wrong. We will go over your LinkedIn game and make sure it is on par with the best. Profile review and engagement will be essential.
  • Facebook – One of those things we are doing wrong on these platforms when it comes to our brand. Stay away from the noise, time wasting and focus on using it as a tool to create value.
  • Website – You need to have one, and you need to do it right. We will go through a process of building and maintaining your digital online home.
  • Podcasting – If this is something you want to get serious about I can help you get set up and assist with ideas around programming, content, format and style.
  • YouTube – A fantastic tool and one that is only going to become a bigger deal in the future. How do you get setup for success and build a subscriber base with consistency and quality content?
  • Live Streaming – Establishing a live stream format that works with your personality, tooling up and being consistent.
  • Email – The role of email in building a personal brand and connecting with your audience.
  • Presenting – Is a mix of public speaking and showing content, including audio, video, and animation and images.
  • Public Speaking – Probably the single most important skill to master that will benefit your entire career.
Additional Services

As part of coaching I will provide an independent voice, but one objective view when it comes to your career.

  • Maybe you have an upcoming presentation and you want to do a dry run, I will be available to critique this with you.
  • Maybe you want to negotiate a pay rise or promotion, and you want guidance on how to prepare for this, I will coach you in this situation.
  • Maybe you want advice on what technology you should be focusing on in your career and need to validate your thinking, this is something I can help you with.
Leveraging My Career

I have been working in the Microsoft ecosystem for over twenty years. I have worked in large publicly listed companies, built my own start-ups, created software and consulted on many, many projects in various countries and industries.

I have clients in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Australia. I have held different management positions and hired well over a hundred consultants in my career. My goal is to make this resource of experience and knowledge available to you.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions
  • To start with, I plan on coaching only 10 people.
  • At this point, I have not set the price.
  • The coaching will be via Video Conference so you will need a webcam.
  • Coaching is offered worldwide.
  • Coaching is in English (sorry I only speak English)
Expressions of Interest

My wife, Meg, and I love visiting the world, we want to make sure we finish life empty and have experienced everything this world has to offer, we try and get away as often as possible and have spent the last seven years …

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